Chery, Jacques-Richard

About the Artist

Jacques-Richard Chery – was born in Cap-Haitian in February, 1928. After working as a barber, Chery opened a gas station in the Artibonite Valley and exhibited his works at his job site. In 1951 Philome Obin, recognizing his talent, took him to the Cap-Haitian Centre d’Art, where he remained for a year. He then joined the Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince where he was sponsored in several international exhibitions.

Chery is a world-famous painter. His works have been reproduced in Vogue, Time Magazine, and many books and publications on Haitian art. He has had exhibitions in London, Spoletto, Modena, New York, Paris, and Berlin, and his paintings have been sold through Sotheby’s Auction House in New York.

Chery is known for his imaginative, playful images of children, merchants carrying giant fruits, public transport vans (tap-taps – known for the distinctive sound of their overworked engines) on the verge of falling apart, comical wedding scenes, all painted in vibrant colors. His paintings are uniquely humorous and ironic.

All the paintings in our collection are early works, dating from the 1980 period. The “Noah Praying” painting in particular is an unusual and exceptional piece, reminiscent of some of the most famous Yugoslav and Brazilian naive artists, and deserving of a museum exhibit.

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