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Thanks for visiting my website on Haitian Art. The art of Haiti is integrally related to the history of Haiti. The art of Haiti reveals the heart and soul of the country. I am an avid supporter of the Haitian people. I visited and worked in Haiti for over 40 years. I last visited Haiti in 2016, on a US mission to assist the towns of Les Cayes and Aquin. I now live in New Iberia, Louisiana, which is a sister city to Aquin! I have been an avid collector of Haitian art and all things Haitian since the 1960’s. I have U.S. friends who worked in Haiti and have Haitian friends who live in the U.S. I fervently want to help the people of Haiti. There are no better people in the world. The country of Haiti and its people have a special place in my heart.

I am an avid photographer and art collector. I have art from Africa, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, and many other countries. I have traveled to all seven continents. No other country has its own easily recognizable art like Haiti has. Haitian art relies heavily on the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). Haitian art has been labeled primitive or folk art. It is not, it is naïve art. No other country has its own recognized art… and is labeled as such. For example, there is no Cuban art, no British art, no Russian art, no Canadian art, no U.S.A. art, etc.

Haiti’s history from Columbus’s discovery in1942 to the present day is told in its art! There are many genres of Haitian art. I know many Haitian artists and I help them in every way I can, such as providing the basic art supplies, helping in funding travel, to providing hospital care. Long live Haiti and its people and its artists.

Glenn Stokes

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Haitian Artists Relief Fund

Last August, a major damaging earthquake followed by a tropical storm struck southern Haiti. Because of the significant loss of life and homes, injuries and property damage to cities and towns, Stokes Haitian Art established a relief fund for artists in the region suffering from the disaster.

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