Last August, a major damaging earthquake followed by a tropical storm struck southern Haiti. Because of the significant loss of life and homes, injuries and property damage to cities and towns, Stokes Haitian Art established a relief fund for artists in the region suffering from the disaster. Since then, from appeals to art purchasers and goodwill donors, and a percentage of sales from auctions, approximately ten thousand dollars has been collected and distributed. Art supplies have been purchased at discount in the United States and then sent to Haitian artists. Travel funds have been provided to artists to establish and maintain connections with their families and customers.

Lately, separate from the earthquake and storm adversity, artists and their families are being traumatically affected by the prevailing climate of street violence, banditry, absence of public safety, and loss of buying power. To that end, in addition to sending art supplies, our fund has sought to cushion the additional trauma by increasing our purchases of artists’ paintings. For its part, Stokes Haitian Art continues to replenish the fund by depositing ten percent from all sales. In addition, some auction houses have been contributing five percent of their proceeds from selling Stokes artwork. Private donors and appreciative purchasers of Haitian art are also coming forward. To meet the continuing need, we would like to have $25,000 on hand at all times.

Heavily damaged marketplace in Southern city of Aquin

Badly damaged church in Southern City of Aquin

Therefore, please join Stokes Haitian Art in supporting artists in this time of extreme need.

Let’s show our gratitude for the community of Haitian artists and their distinctive work that has gained deserved recognition worldwide. Contributions of all amounts are welcomed. (No contribution is too small or too large!). All donors will receive monthly reports describing the fund’s disbursements, purchases and results.

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