Metellus, Madeleine

About the Artist

Madeleine Metellus was born in Bacconois, Anse-a-Veau on January 31, 1960. At an early age she started to design flowers in a notebook and her taste grew immensely. Under the influence of Mr. Senatus, she learned the trick of the trade but never considered herself to be an artist until one day she was intuitively guided and knew with utter clarity who she was. Carrefour has a tradition of painters with extraordinary talent, she was going to mingle in that circle while staying true to her faith, herself, and her devotion to her family. She has 3 children, all adults now. She was later influenced by the late Marius, known for his iconic tribute to marine life scenes, the late Claude Joachim, the late Francoise Jean, and Moleon Blaise.

The galleries of Issa el Sayeh and Monnin became interested in her works. It’s been very hard to survive the daily life in Haiti due to volatile situations created by the departure of former President Aristide and recently the assassination of the late president Jovenel Moise. She continues to work hoping for better days.

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