Thank you very much for visiting my website on Haitian Art. The art of Haiti is integrally related to the history of Haiti. The art of Haiti reveals the heart and soul of the country. I am an avid supporter of the Haitian people. I visited and worked in Haiti for over 25 years. I last visited Haiti in 2016, on a US mission to assist the towns of Les Cayes and Aquin. I now live in New Iberia Louisiana, which is a sister city to Aquin! I have been an avid collector of Haitian art and all things Haitian since the 1960’s. I have U.S. friends who worked in Haiti and have Haitian friends who live in the U.S. and also friends who live in Haiti. I fervently want to help the people of Haiti.

Some visitors to our website marvel at the breadth and depth of Haitian art but don’t know much-or really anything-about Haiti and have asked me to tell them something about Haiti. This I am glad to do. So starting today with this story I am telling the history of Haiti in short paragraphs from the excellent book on Haiti (Haiti: Voodoo Kingdom to Modern Riviera), by John Allen Franciscus. The book covers literally everything about Haiti including its art from the country’s founding until 1980, when the book was printed. So here is the first “chapter” of a fascinating story about a wonderful people, where the 2nd “Renaissance of Art” occurred, and about a people and country that I fervently love. And I sincerely hope that you will feel the same when you get to the end of this story. Haiti needs your help and mine.

Glenn Maurice Stokes

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